Divest from fossil fuels

You are probably aware of the growing movement to get Universities, governments and businesses to divest from fossil fuel investments.  The 350.org organization has created a way for you to create a petition for fossil fuel divestment for your own government or organization.  You can read more and sign the Indianapolis petition while you’re there



Speaking Truth to “Power”

it occurs to me that the classic friendly soundbite “speaking truth to power” could be repurposed and expanded as a guide to discernment about fossil fuels and climate change.

this involves thinking about power in the physics sense, and thinking about speaking truth to ourselves individually, as we go about our daily lives using bits and pieces of the power of fossil fuels. the power available via fossil fuels amounts to ‘owning’ a certain number of energy ‘slaves’ tho the # of slaves would vary depending on the energy intensity of various activities such as driving or heating one’s house. one’s carbon footprint could be somehow calculated in terms of one’s energy slaves.

sometimes people on diets keep food journals. if we kept ‘carbon journals’ much would be written in them.

Muriel Strand, P.E.

Iowa bus to February 17 March in Washington DC

On Presidents Day, February 17, 2013, an anti-global warming demonstration in Washington, DC is being organized by 350.org and the Sierra Club.  The specific goal is to insist that President Obama reject plans for the Keystone XL pipeline.

A bus from Iowa to the demonstration is being organized.  Probable stops in Council Bluff, Des Moines, Iowa City, and Davenport.  If interested contact Steve at stevesh@grm.net.



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Economic Collapse / P&SC

(This is a repost of a message from Jeff that appeared earlier on the Earthcare subcommittee listserve.  I will also add some subsequent comments that were sent.)

While I don’t agree that conversion to natural gas is the answer, I do believe this analysis is correct, and similar to our discussions.  It is clear that we are running out of fossil fuel, and energy prices will destroy our economy, and, as indicated here, that is already happening, and will get dramatically worse in the very near future.   The fact that Congress and the Administration aren’t even talking about this and both party’s energy plans remain focused on fossil fuel (though Obama has done some to promote alternative energy) doesn’t give much hope for a politically effective response, though it is probably too late for that.

I know I am not prepared for this.  I am seriously thinking of moving somewhere (probably back to Iowa) where I can grow my own food.

I think we need to be thinking in terms of global disaster, and how (1) we can survive that ourselves and (2) what will disaster relief  by Friends look like?

Even if we don’t create official Transition Towns, I believe principles of the Transition movement are the only rational response to this.  I know many of us are doing many different things related to this, but the Transition Network provides a complete framework for putting all the pieces together.  I would encourage each of you to arrange for your monthly meeting to see the DVD Transition 2.0, a copy of which Ken or I can get to you.  I personally would like to see Transition Bear Creek, Transition Ames, Transition Decorah…  I think that would help to both focus our efforts, and provide a visible witness our neighbors can see,  and create their own Transition neighborhoods, or join ours.  A wealth of information is available online:  http://www.transitionnetwork.org/

As we start a new year, I would ask you to share what you think about this with us.  I would really like this to be an active committee.  Which leads to a request for your input regarding whether this subcommittee should continue as a subcommittee of Peace and Social Concerns, or whether it should be laid down, and left to Peace and Social Concerns to deal with environmental issues?  I’ve appreciated the responses of a few of you in the past, indicating we should continue as a separate committee, but would like to hear what others think.  This is perhaps the appropriate time to tell you that (pending approval at Midyear Meeting), I’ve agreed to be co-clerk of the Yearly Meeting Peace and Social Concerns committee, along with Sherry.  So I need your help even more than ever!


From:  http://moneymorning.com/ob/t-boone-pickens-blasts-romney-energy-plan/


In Transition 2.0

In Transition 2.0 is an inspiring new film spotlighting different Transition initiatives around the world.  The Transition movement is a community-led process that helps any town/village/city/neighbourhood become stronger and happier.  It is a small-scale local response to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy.

A number of people watched the movie during yearly meeting sessions.  If you would like to show it to your monthly meeting, contact Jeff or Ken for loan of a copy.


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